Shravaha is the sanskrit word for purity and that’s exactly what our brand does. Purity in the process, purity in the products and absolute purity in the results our products give you!

The Shravaha Quotient

Complete Ayurvedic Vidhi

Shastrokat Vidhi followed to the T to ensure you get the best of our ancient scriptures

No missed steps

Every steps perfected the way our ancestors created their products for guaranteed results.

Long lost methods

Through extensive research, we've rekindled the methods that many thought were lost to time!

Guaranteed results

Through the power of Ayurveda and its pure goodness, every product of Shravaha Ayurveda guarantees results. Everytime!

Our ingredients

Rare, alpine herbs that many have utilized over the years but never in the exact way our ancestors did! Cultivated and harvested in their most purest forms, our herbal, non toxic, and natural ingredients come together to form the most perfect products!

Our Story

A brand created keeping the skincare and body care values of family, love and nature in mind. Shravaha Ayurveda aims to bring you the goodness of Ayurveda in a way that will be closest to your heart, like Ghar ka Pyaar! We taken natural ingredients in their most pure forms and extended the shelf life of each product. In this way we’ve been able to retain the goodness of home remedies and dadi ke nuske, but in a way that will bring you guaranteed results for days to come. So go on, give Shravaha Ayurveda a try today!

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